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Threat Alert: Trojan sent via email in a .zip file

We received this alert from Calyptix Security, and wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this new threat.  The malicious program is coming through via email that look legitimate with an attached .zip file.

As always, use caution when opening attachments, even if they appear to be from somebody you know.

Here is a copy of the alert:
Calyptix Support has noticed

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New “Locky” ransomware spreading at an alarming rate

The term Ransomware refers to malware that infects your computer and then encrypts all of your files in a way that is almost impossible to get your information back without paying cybercriminals for a special key to unlock your pictures, documents, and other files.

Most became aware of the term ransomware last year as Cryptolocker began spreading through both companies and

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Things even encryption can’t save you from

In a recent paper sponsored by Intel and Samsung, the author describes the importance of using encryption in your business and especially with your mobile staff. The focus of the paper was to support the push to full disk encryption (I assume as opposed to file based) and how it should be used throughout any mobile workforce. Full disk encryption

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New web site for Untangled Solutions


We have rolled out our new website here at Untangled Solutions and want to invite you to take a look.  Our new site was created so that you can find the information you need quickly.

The new design is now dynamic, which means you can view it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet without having to zoom in to read any

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Las Vegas Mayor Sets September 29 as Continuum Veterans Foundation Day

We here at Untangled Solutions would like to extend our congratulations to our friends over at Continuum.  Back in 2012 they created the Continuum Veterans Foundation (http://cvf.continuum.net/) to help returning troops find jobs in the tech sector.

Today the Mayor of Las Vegas awarded them a plaque declaring that today, September 29, 2015 is Continuum Veterans Foundation Day.

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