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Did you know that today is World Backup Day?

You have insurance for your car, your home, and even the computers in your office. But what about the data that is necessary to run your business?

That’s what Backup Disaster and Recovery solutions are, it’s like insurance in case your company gets hit with anything from a natural disaster to an employee clicking a bad link and infecting every computer

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Security moves away from passwords

Increases in cyber crimes and the number of accounts staff need to log into has brought about the need to upgrade traditional password security. In the past, the trend was to ask staff to update their password every 90 days with a new eight character long collection of numbers, symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters. It is no wonder why our security assessments would

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HHS Top 10 Tips for Cybersecurity: #1 Establish a Security Culture

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published as part of their playbook a “Top 10” guide to cybersecurity in health care to help medical practices around the country struggling to keep up with the moving target of security in the modern doctor’s office. My goal with this weekly series will be to walk through this guide with you, giving

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Wheelhouse IT receives the 2016 Continuum Content Champion Award

Toward the end of last week, at Continuum’s Navigate 2016 event, our own Charles J. Love accepted the Continuum Content Champion Award for several comprehensive and insightful articles he wrote for their MSPblog this year.  This award is presented to the partner who has been an active content contributor, by contributing consistent and valuable content to Continuum’s MSPblog and social

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Untangled Solutions is now a part of the Wheelhouse IT Family

A Letter from Chris Johnson (CEO) and Joshua Smith (President) to all of our clients.


As the owners of Untangled Solutions, we are pleased to announce that Untangled Solutions, LLC and Wheelhouse IT have officially joined forces and become one company. We are excited about the opportunities to accelerate our leadership in the delivery of IT managed services and consulting to

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